Rob Walton

Heir to the Walmart fortune, and serves on its Board of Directors. Automobile collector.

$30.6 millionTotal Donated
?Total Invested
$53.9 billionNet Worth
Last donated a year ago!

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Arizona State University / St. Vincent de Paul

~$1 milliondonated a year ago via The Rob and Melani Walton Fund

The Phoenix Symphony

Corporate Support tier of $50,000 and above.

~$50kdonated 2 years ago
Arts & beauty

Liberty Wildlife

Used for a new building eventually named The Rob and Melani Walton Campus of Liberty Wildlife.

$2 milliondonated 5 years ago

Arizona State University / Global Institute of Sustainability

$27.5 milliondonated 9 years ago via The Rob and Melani Walton Fund
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