Laurene Powell Jobs

Founder of Emerson Collective & College Track, social impact organizations. Widow of Steve Jobs.

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COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization

In response to COVID-19, One Acre Fund, supported by the Emerson Collective, is mobilizing its network of 8,000 trusted rural staff and over 100,000 volunteers to deliver critical farming supplies ... read more

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America’s Food Fund was launched by Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and Apple, along with the Ford Foundation. With the increasing rate of food insecurity in the US, their mission is to hel... read more

~3 million USDdonated 10 months ago via Emerson Collective
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Radiology AI Lab(RAIL) at John Hopkins University

Alvin Liu, MD and Mathias Unberath, PhD, were awarded a $200,000 grant from the Emerson Collective Cancer Research Fund to further their work in retinal imaging deep learning. The project seeks to... read more

200k USDdonated a year ago via Emerson Collective

Dial Fellowship

The program is designed to elevate the work and ideas of Fellows; connect them to a diverse fellowship community; and celebrate Fellows as breakthrough leaders.

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XQ supports educators, students, families, and other civic-minded people in their efforts to reimagine high school education in the United States. Their mission is to fuel America’s collective cr... read more

50 million USDdonated 5 years ago via Emerson Collective
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College Track

College Track is a college completion program working to ensure students of color have the skills, resources, and mindsets they need to thrive during college, upon graduation, and beyond. Powell J... read more

~4 million USDdonated 17 years ago via Emerson Collective
EducationJobs & training
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