Which billionaires are currently doing the most "good"?

  • Who is donating & impact investing into what? How much?
  • Are they giving a lot? What about compared to their lifetime giving, or their net worth?
  • What are these projects, exactly? Are they going well, and is the money being spent well?
  • Are further donations & investments happening in this area?

These questions deserve answers, so let's find them.

BillionaireBoard is your tool to track billionaire's impact-oriented contributions and encourage them to do more!

We currently gather information on about 30 of the world's top billionaires, but are looking to add profiles for any billionaires helping with COVID-19.

Anyone can be a researcher and submit new contribution data, but all data must be sourced and will be verified before making it into the data-set and onto the website. To help, just click on a billionaire and add or edit their contributions. We also invite billionaires and their foundations to add or modify data themselves to ensure accuracy. To claim a profile, reach out to me on twitter.

Want to learn more?

Read the launch blog post

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